The Corporation is operating through the 3 (Three) main departments being presently, head by the Deputy General Managers in whose duties is to report directly to the Managing Director. The various Departments along with the names of the employees may be highlighted as here under:-

Managing Director : Shri. G. Kyndiah

A. Engineering Wing

Sl No Name Designation
1 Shri. D D Nongmalieh Asst Genl Manager
2 Shri. S Kharjana Asst Genl Manager
3 Shri.M. Dkhar Asst Manager
4 Shri. A.G.D. Wanbah Asst Manager
5 Smt.S Mawlieh Senior Assistant
6 Smt P G Lyngdoh Junior Assistant
7 Shri. A Nengnong Driver
8 Shri. W C Niangti Peon
9 Shri. I Marboh Skilled Worker

B. Account / Loan / Recovery / Legal

Sl No Name Designation
1 Smt. G. M.Rymbai Deputy Genl Manager
2 Smt. C.B.Marbaniang Asst Manager
3 Shri. R.A.Sangma Asst Manager
4 Shri. K P Shylla Asst Manager
5 Shri. J R Sawkmie Senior Assistant
6 Smt. C.Talang Senior Assistant
7 Smt.D.Kharpran Junior Assistant
8 Shri.R. Marwein Junior Assistant
9 Shri. T. S Rani Junior Assistant
10 Smt.S.Mawlong Peon
11 Shri.D.Marak Peon
12 Smt.B.Chyne Peon
13 Smt.B.Kharbithai Peon
14 Shri.E.K Mawlong Driver

C. GAD / Projects

Sl No Name Designation
1 Shri. S.B. Laloo Deputy Genl Manager
2 Shri.D. Marwein Asst Manager
3 Shri. C.J.C.Momin Asst Manager
4 Smt.N.R. Lakiang Asst Manager
5 Smt. L. Kharkamni Data Entry Supervisor
6 Smt. G.Nongsiej Data Entry Supervisor
7 Smt.A.S.Dkhar Senior Assistant
8 Smt. L.Nongbri Junior Assistant
9 Smt.A.Mawthoh Peon
10 Shri. C.B.Rani Peon
11 Shri.H.Rani Driver
12 Shri.L. Thangkhiew Driver
13 Shri. S. Nongsiej Driver

D. List of Grade IV Employees

List of Peons List of Drivers List of Chowkidars List of Cleaners
Sl No Name Sl No Name Sl No Name Sl No Name
1 Shri. D. Marak 1 Shri. E.K. Mawlong 1 Shri. K. Kongshei 1 Smt. P. Raliang
2 Smt. B. Kharbithai 2 Shri. S. Shabong 2 Shri. I Kurbah 2 Smt. D. Nongkynrih
3 Smt. S. Mawlong 3 Shri. H. Rani 3 Smt. D. Wanniang
4 Smt. A. Mawthoh 4 Shri. A. Nengnong
5 Shri. W.C. Niangti 5 Shri. G.D. Tariang
6 Shri. R. Hajong 6 Shri. P Kharkongor
7 Shri. C.B. Rani 7 Shri. L Nongtdu
8 Smt. B. Chyne 8 Shri. T. Syiemlieh
9 Smt. L.M. Wahlang 9 Shri. L. Thangkhiew
10 Shri. S. Nongsiej
11 Shri. A.B. Niangti