Projects under Project Cell

The project Cell of the Corporation besides the other schemes such as Apiculture, Zardozi, Food Processing, Publication & Publicity, Apparel Making etc their main activities is being carried out by all the General Managers of the Directorate of Commerce & Industries. The role of the Corporation is only in release of Funds as and when required from the Directorate of Commerce & Industries. This is on account that fund allotted from the State Government is kept at the disposal of the Corporation.
However intensive activities by the Project Cell are rendered on the following schemes:-

  • Integrated Craft Complex (ICC)
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Activities on the above scheme may be summarized as follows:-

  • Integrated Craft Complex (ICC) : This Scheme was funded by the Central Government under Ambedkar Hastalship Vikas Yojana (AHVY) Office of the Development Commissioner Handicraft New Delhi, Ministry of Textile Government of India. The aim and objective is to promote and development of the handicrafts activities of the Artisans across the state where Cane & Bamboo being the main raw materials. Besides, Cane & Bamboo, Eri Yarn has also been included as one of the raw material with a view to uplift the socio economic status of weavers. Under this scheme there are two components both of which functions for the economic development and interest of artisans and weavers, these are :-
    • Craft Based Resource Centre (CBRC) : The craft based resource centre was funded both by the Central & the State Government. The main purpose is to produce various prototypes which will showcase to artisans across the state who visited the centre. The shares of investments are as follows :-
      Central Share : Rs.40.20 Lakhs
      State Share : Rs.64.40 Lakhs
      The Fund allotted as above was meant for creation of the CBRC which includes installation of office equipments etc at Nongrim Hills Shillong The Central share of Rs.40.20 Lakhs has been completely utilized and the remaining fund was utilized for purchasing of additional Plan & Machineries, Raw Material required at CBRC, Salary of Casual Employee and daily maintenance of CBRC. Till date the fund available is Rs.23.00 Lakhs and so far 571 numbers of artisans have been benefitted under this scheme. Through CBRC the Corporation also help in providing market linkage to artisans and products acquired were send from time to time to Meghalaya Emporium New Delhi as per the demand.
    • Raw Material Bank : This component is meant for providing Raw Material to various artisans and weavers across the state on credit basis. Repayment from artisans towards raw material bank is on and when they have sold their finished products at the market along with 10% corpus thereof. This component was sponsored by Central Government as 1st disbursement only to the tune of Rs. 59.65 Lakhs out of the total sanction of Rs.119.30 Lakhs. Till date 421 numbers of artisans have benefitted under this scheme.
      Since the two schemes were commissioned during 2013, the number of artisans who had benefitted had steadily increased to more than a thousand and on the intake of raw material more artisans yet to take advantage of the scheme.

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme : Entrepreneurship Development Programme is a regular activities of the Corporation since 1985 with a view to impact basic training to unemployed youth and prospective first generation entrepreneurs of the state for setting up their industrial ventures / Business enterprise.
    These programme were conducted throughout the state. The centre’s chosen includes district headquarters and sometime at the Block Level where the necessary infrastructure available. The duration usually required 4 weeks which include the following interventions.
    • One day awareness Programme
    • 4 weeks on Skill Development Programme
    • The sole objective of this endeavor is to build much needed human capital. With the available recourses of the state both mineral & agro based it is envisaged that trained entrepreneurs will be able to tap and commercially exploited these resources in order to bring about balanced economic development.
      It is encouraging to note that few entrepreneurs through our intervention they have able to stand on their own feet for self sustenance